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The History Of Timbershades

Timbershades, one of the most well known names when it comes to plantation shutters and blinds, was started in the year 1982. What was started as a small cottage industry by a father and son duo is now present in all the capital cities in Australia.

They changed the blinds scenario by bringing in wider blades and then improvising it as an internal window furnishing. As the business picked up and people started warming up to the idea of using blinds in their homes instead of curtains, the company started expanding. This increased the choices given to customers, thus enabling customization and having one a kind window blinds in their homes. When you need a solution for your blinds and shutter needs, can provide you with the perfect solution. The experienced professionals here at Timbershades have an in depth knowledge about all the products and can guide you easily. They are innovative and efficient, thus making it very easy for you to get your job done with minimal effort.